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My God That Was Not Fun

Arkansas can’t hang with Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In what was an absolute slog to watch, the few fans that did stick it out and decided to watch Arkansas play Vanderbilt were treated to the Hogs getting blasted by a score of 45-31.

Yes you read that score right. The final score was just 14 points but it wasn’t that close, as a late but inconsequential touchdown in the final minute made things closer than they seemed. The Commodores put up a season high in points, ran for 252 yards, and screen passed the Hogs to death and there was no stopping them throughout the game. Arkansas was trying to put together a winning streak for the first time under Chad Morris, not only did that not happen, any potential momentum from that game came to a screeching halt.

The game started off about as well as the Hogs could have hoped for. Arkansas marched down 75 yard in nine plays on the opening drive and it resulted in a Rakeem Boyd touchdown. Things were feeling pretty good. Until Vandy’s offense, who had mostly struggled this season, took the field.

The Commodores took a 14-7 lead before Chase Hayden was able to break free for a 38 yard touchdown in the second quarter. With the game tied, the Hogs couldn’t get the stops they needed to switch momentum. Vanderbilt would stretch a 17-3 run over the third and fourth quarters to take a 31-17 lead. Arkansas got a touchdown with 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter to give Hog fans a sliver of hope, but that quickly evaporated when Vandy marched down the field with a nine play, 75 yard touchdown drive that took off nearly half of the remaining clock.

Vandy was clinical in moving the ball down the field and were able to sustain drives throughout the whole game. Six of their seven scoring drives were longer than six plays and four of them went longer than 60 yards. And it wasn’t because they were clinical on third downs, they only saw 10 third downs in the game because they were getting all the yards they needed on first and second downs. They averaged 6.6 yards a play on first downs. Any offense is going to have smooth sailing when that’s the case.

So now the Hogs will have a bye week before their final three games of the season. They now sit at 2-7 and their best shot at a conference win just ran their asses over. While fans, coaches, and media preach patience and rebuilding in this season, they’re now staring down the barrell of a 2-10 season. The last time Arkansas won just two games was 1952, and they’ve never had a season with double digit losses.