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SEC Week 7 Power Rankings

We’ve got a new number 2!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

14. Arkansas

if we went by the first three quarters, the Hogs might have something going.

13. Vanderbilt

Vandy had a 21-3 lead at home against Florida and didn’t cover. It’s rough for the Commodores right now.

12. Tennessee

A conference win for the first time since 2016! And really made things uncomfortable in Auburn.

11. Missouri

The loss to Bama was expected but now Mizzou is 0-3 in conference play and needs some wins.

10. Auburn

So Auburn has 3 losses and still has to play LSU, Alabama, and Georgia. They better not slip up against Ole Miss.

9. Ole Miss

Ole Miss is now 5-2 with loses to Bama and LSU. They might be going to a pretty solid bowl ga-oh wait.

8. Mississippi State

Still plenty of chances for State to clanga their way to the top half of the conference.

7. South Carolina

Didn’t have a good first half at home and that was enough to sink them against Texas A&M.

6. Kentucky

Kentucky still controls their own destiny in the SEC east. That sentence doesn’t get any less weird the more you think about it.

5. Texas A&M

Quietly putting together a very good first year with Jimbo at the helm.

4. Florida

The Cocktail Party in Jacksonville now has a whole lot more meaning than people thought it would a month ago.

3. Georgia

Everything is still on the table for Georgia, but man it doesn't look very attainable after this weekend.

2. LSU

Ready for all the hype and all the disappointment of another highly anticipated LSU/Bama game? Cause it’s coming.

1. Alabama