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GAMETHREAD: Texas A&M (2-1) vs. Arkansas (1-1)

Come watch the game with us!

Joey Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Southwest Classic. Anxiety Bowl. Whatever you're calling it the Hogs are taking on the Aggies in the house that Jerry built. To honor Jones, the Hogs have these Dallas Cowboy-style tribute uniforms. A&M responded with these totally really and 10000% not fake Houston Oiler replicas.

You can see more on how to watch and lines here. Both the Hogs and Aggies have stumbled out of the blocks to the matchup has a lot less excitement surrounding it than years past.

If you haven't kept up with Texas A&M this year. Which, I don't know how you haven't, they blew a 34-point lead to UCLA and it was a big deal. You can read up on what the Aggies do best and what they struggle with here. So far, Texas A&M hasn't had the quarterback play and disruptive defense they've had in years past.

A big key for the Hogs will be having success in the short yardage run game. Check out our film room session explaining why it hasn't been successful this year.

As always feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook and comment here during the game! Woo Pig, please win.