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Arkansas Fight Week 4 Pick ‘em

What do we think will happen in the five SEC Matchups?

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Week three was the toughest to predict thus far. I mean LSU losing by 30 AND Alabama failing to cover? Throw in Kentucky and Vanderbilt getting off to 3-0 starts and it’s been a tough conference to predict thus far. So of course we’re going to try and do just that again.

Arkansas Fight Week 4 Pick ‘em

WEEK 4 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
WEEK 4 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
LAST WEEK 3-4-1 3-4-1 1-6-1 5-2-1 1-6-1 3-4-1 3-4-1
OVERALL 15-8-1 12-11-1 12-11-1 13-10-1 9-14-1 15-8-1 7-6-1
Arkansas v Texas A&M (-2.5) TAMU -2.5 Ark +2.5 TAMU -2.5 TAMU -2.5 TAMU -2.5 Ark +2.5 TAMU -2.5
South Carolina (-8.5) v Louisiana Tech S Car -8.5 S Car -8.5 S Car -8.5 LT +8.5 S Car -8.5 S Car -8.5 S Car -8.5
Alabama (-18.5) at Vanderbilt Bama -18.5 Vandy +18.5 Bama -18.5 Vandy +18.5 Bama -18.5 Vandy +18.5 Vandy +18.5
Miss State at Georgia (-5.5) Georgia -5.5 Georgia -5.5 Miss St +5.5 Miss St +5.5 Miss St +5.5 Georgia -5.5 Georgia -5.5
LSU (-21.5) v Syracuse Cuse +21.5 LSU -21.5 Cuse +21.5 Cuse +21.5 LSU -21.5 LSU -21.5 LSU -21.5
Florida (-2.0) at Kentucky UK +2.0 Florida -2.0 Florida -2.0 Florida -2.0 UK +2.0 Florida -2.0 Florida -2.0
Auburn (-18.0) at Missouri Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0 Auburn -18.0

Arkansas v Texas A&M (-2.5)

Adam P: A&M. That line is a better's dream. (watch me lose)

Robert: Arkansas - We gotta beat these guys.

South Carolina (-8.5) v Louisiana Tech

Derek: I almost want to go La Tech here, but think Bentley will do enough, even without Deebo.

Jamie: Tech covers. Carolina wins though.

Alabama (-18.5) at Vanderbilt

Derek: Vandy should make it interesting for a half, then Alabama chokes the life out of you.

Eric: I love what Derek Mason is building, they’re just not ready for Bama yet.

Miss State at Georgia (-5.5)

Jamie: Miss State. I believe CLANGA may be the real deal this year.

Robert: Georgia - not enough cowbells to help the Dogs in this one.... err the Dan Mullens.

LSU (-21.5) v Syracuse

Jamie: Syracuse. Bounce back for them off a loss and no Guice and a bad showing for the Tigers last week. LSU wins but closer than Vegas thinks.

Robert: LSU - I think Ed can blow the doors off of bad teams.

Florida (-2.0) at Kentucky

Adam P: Florida still doesn't impress me, but I can't in my heart of hearts pick Kentucky over the Gators.

Eric: All 30 year streaks have end at some point, right?

Auburn (-18.0) at Missouri

Adam P: The visor knows.

Eric: I can’t see Missouri turning it around against this defense.