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Arkansas Fight’s Week 1 SEC Pick’em

Who wins in the SEC in week one? We have thoughts!

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of fun games to pick from. From the big matchups of Florida and Michigan to the sneaky group of five trap that Kentucky has. Things could go very well or very poorly for the SEC. What do we think will happen?

Arkansas Fight Week 1 Pick’em

Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert
Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert
Mich -3.5 Florida +3.5 Mich -3.5 Mich -3.5 Mich -3.5 Mich -3.5
FSU +7 Bama -7 Bama -7 FSU +7 FSU +7 FSU +7
LSU -14 LSU -14 LSU -14 BYU +14 LSU -14 LSU -14
S Car +5 S Car +5 S Car +5 NC -5 NC -5 S Car +5
Tenn -3 GT +3 Tenn -3 Tenn -3 Tenn -3 GT +3
USM +10 UK -10 UK -10 USM +10 USM +10 UK -10
UGA -14 App St +14 UGA -14 UGA -14 UGA -14 UGA -14
Vandy -3.5 Vandy -3.5 Vandy -3.5 MTSU +3.5 Vandy -3.5 Vandy -3.5
S Ala +24 OM -24 OM -24 S Ala +24 OM -24 S Ala +24

So first thing, we’re going with spreads. So not everyone with South Alabama is picking them straight up. Just to cover the spread. Although some might think Ole Miss might take this one right in the teeth. We also aren’t picking FCS games. Sorry if that offends, but if it does then just take a step back.

Florida v Michigan (-3.5)

Derek Oxford: Don't see this one being close with the suspensions.

Eric Harris: Yeahhhhh. This might get ugly for Florida.

Alabama (-7.0) v Florida State

Derek Oxford: I think this one will be close and could be decided by a field goal. Hurts vs. Francois will be an intriguing matchup.

Jamie Pilote: Bama wins, but FSU covers.

Eric Harris: Give me FSU straight up.

Texas A&M at UCLA (-4.0)

Derek Oxford: We'll see I found A&M has a quarterback in this one.

Jamie Pilote: UCLA by 10 or so, hot seat gets hotter right out of the gate for Sumlin.

LSU (-14.0) v BYU

Derek Oxford: Derrius Guice begins his Heisman campaign.

Jamie Pilote: LSU wins, BYU covers.

South Carolina v NC State (-5.0)

Jamie Pilote: NC State, but I think SC get’s better as the year goes on though.

Eric Harris: South Carolina does weird things in season openers. I'm going with them over a more talented NC State.

Tennessee (-3.0) v Georgia Tech

Jamie Pilote: Can you imagine having to waste half your Fall camp prepping for the triple option? Tennessee by 7 or so, but ugly early.

Eric Harris: Who knows?

Kentucky (-10.0) at Southern Miss

Jamie Pilote: Southern Miss. 2 years in a row? Yikes!

Georgia (-14.0) v App State

Robert Boyd: Georgia will hit the spread by halftime.

Eric Harris: App State can do some mean things but Georgia gets a handle on them early.

Vanderbilt (-3.5) at Mid Tennessee

Eric Harris: MTSU is mean but I like Vandy to come out well.

Ole Miss (-24.0) v South Alabama

Robert Boyd: South Alabama might win straight up.

Jamie Pilote: I want to pick South Alabama straight up. but I don’t think the wheels fall off just yet for OM. I’ll take the Jaguars to cover though.

Eric Harris: I don't think Ole Miss will be as bad a second some think. But man, 24 is a big spread.