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Three Things We Learned After Hogs’ Win Over FAMU

It was an FCS game, but surely we know something.

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Hogs got off to a slow start, but eventually got things rolling to the tune of a 49-7 win over Florida A&M. Three different running backs got touchdowns and it took until the third quarter for the Rattlers to pass midfield. Austin Allen and the offensive line had a slow first quarter and looked out of sorts, but as the game went on they strung some good plays together.

Overall the defense and their new scheme looked faster and more active, highlighted by a sack from Randy Ramsey and a scoop and score from Henre’ Toliver. The biggest negative from the game was Ryan Pulley’s injury he had in the second quarter. He spent the second half in street clothes.

Yes everyone on twitter is hitting you with the “but it was an FCS team” takes, and yes it was a weak opponent. However, you play who’s on your schedule and there are still things to learn.

1.The Running Back Situation Looks Good

Devwah Whaley had 60 yards and a touchdown.

In his debut Chase Hayden ran for 120 yards and a touchdown.

David Williams made his Razorback debut with two touchdowns.

Overall it was a very good day for the running backs. After a slow start from the offensive line, they were able to overpower a weaker opponent and open up holes. The running backs took advantage and looked to hit the hole and get upfield quickly. The loss of Rawleigh Williams will always suck, but it’s good to know the position looks solid.

2. The Defense Was Very Active

Things started off very well with a sack from Randy Ramsey, and continued throughout the first half. Sosa Agim made some plays, Scoota Harris was active, and Gabe Richardson forced the fumble that Toliver scored on. Several players making their debut also played a role in the game. Grant Morgan, Kamren Curl, Briston Guidry all had multiple tackles.

Overall the added linebacker did what it was designed to do, get more speed on the field. Players were getting from sideline to sideline quickly. There was good discipline to not fall for misdirection and containment. Overall the Hogs only gave up 175 yards.

3. It’s Time to End War Memorial Games

The attendance was a pitiful 36,000+. Yes there were storms in the area and it was a Thursday night makes for a tough travel schedule for some. But the atmosphere was dead and thankfully (hopefully) this will convince the few left that these games need to end. The atmosphere just isn’t what it used to be and hopefully the 2018 edition of these games will be the last.