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Reasons to Hate: Florida A&M

Y’all didn’t think we could find a way to hate the scrappy underdog? Oh you bet we did.

NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Aw yeah football season is back which means it’s hatin’ season! Some may find it hard to hate a small FCS school from, uh,

(checks Florida A&M wikipedia page)

Tallahassee! But we found a couple reasons.

  1. Alex Wood - The Rattlers head coach is in his third season as head coach with the team. He’s an experienced coach who has made plenty of stops along the way. One such spot was the quarterbacks coach at Arkansas in 2006. Remember who was quarterback then? That’s right Mitch Mustain! Hate him for not coaching up Mustain better, or just because he brings up those memories and—oh god why can’t I stop thinking about FOIA requests?
  2. FCS Paydays - Arkansas’ payout for this game is $750,000. For a glorified scrimmage in Little Rock. Let’s put that money somewhere else more useful. Since paying the players is out of the question because reasons. Things like slides to the practice field or mini golf courses, or giant mega lockers with flat screen TV’s and neon lights are better. Apparently.
  3. Little Rock - So what if this isn’t about FAMU any more? Hate the Little Rock games. Hate them with all your heart. Hate that it’s the second quarter but the game clock has already died three times. Okay fine if you’re one of the few who likes the War Memorial games then hate that this might be the penultimate game there. Or that it’s probably going to rain. Or that Arkansas paid all that money to put this game as their only Little Rock game of the year.
  4. Thursday Night Games - Yeah you probably had to take some sick days to get out on the golf course early to tailgate. You wanted to use those earlier in the summer but had to save them so you could watch Arkansas beat an FCS team in the rain.