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Arkansas Fight Week 10 SEC Pick’Em

Do we see any upsets this weekend?

Auburn v LSU Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The calendar has turned to November and we have a pretty clear idea of who is who in the SEC. After a week where no spread was bigger than 13.5, there are five games with a bigger spread, including the Alabama/LSU matchup. Here’s who were taking this weekend.

Arkansas Fight Week 10 SEC Pick’Em

WEEK 10 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
WEEK 10 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
LAST WEEK 3-2-1 4-1-1 3-2-1 2-3-1 3-2-1 2-3-1
OVERALL 35-26-2 29-32-2 36-25-1 33-28-2 30-31-2 26-25-2
Arkansas (-23.5) vs Coastal Ark -23.5 Ark -23.5 Ark -23.5 Ark -23.5 Ark -23.5 Ark -23.5
Miss State (-28.0) vs UMass Miss St -28.0 Miss St -28.0 Miss St -28.0 Umass +28.0 Umass +28.0 Miss St -28.0
Auburn (-15.0) at Texas A&M TAMU +15.0 Aub -15.0 Aub -15.0 Aub -15.0 TAMU +15.0 Aub -15.0
Florida at Missouri (-3.0) UF +3.0 UF +3.0 UF +3.0 UF +3.0 Mizzou -3.0 UF +3.0
Vandy (-9.5) vs W Kentucky Vandy -9.5 Vandy -9.5 Vandy -9.5 Vandy -9.5 Vandy -9.5 Vandy -9.5
South Carolina at Georgia (-24.0) SC +24.0 SC +24.0 UGA -24.0 SC +24.0 UGA -24.0 SC +24.0
Ole Miss at Kentucky (-3.5) UK -3.5 UK -3.5 UK -3.5 UK -3.5 UK -3.5 OM +3.5
Tennessee (-6.5) vs S Miss Tenn -6.5 Tenn -6.5 Tenn -6.5 S Miss +6.5 Tenn -6.5 Tenn -6.5
LSU at Alabama (-21.0) Bama -21.0 Bama -21.0 Bama -21.0 Bama -21.0 Bama -21.0 LSU +21.0

Arkansas (-23.5) vs Coastal Carolina

Jamie: Hogs. Frustration game from the whole season.

Adam P: Arkansas - Begrudgingly...

Derek: Hogs get this easily I believe.

Eric: Last week I said I wasn’t picking the Hogs against the spread all year again. Here I am picking them.

Miss State (-28.0) vs UMass

Jamie: UMass. MissSt coming off big win, they’ll win but no cover.

Derek: The Minutemen will keep this closer than the experts think.

Eric: I’m a believer in Miss State now. Plus UMass is really bad.

Auburn (-15.0) at Texas A&M

Adam P: I don't feel good about this one, but Gus should barely eek this line...I think.

Derek: Gus’ crew has had two weeks to prepare but that’s too many points at Kyle Field.

Eric: Auburn wins this but A&M puts in a good bounce back effort, keeps it within two TD’s.

Florida at Missouri (-3.0)

Jamie: Florida… woof that line, can’t imagine Shannon lets the players quit on season.

Adam P: Sorry, even with all that's going on at Florida, there's just no way I can favor Mizzou here.

Derek: Not only is Mizzou favored, I think it will cover. Gators are in disarray.

Vanderbilt (-9.5) vs W Kentucky

Jamie: Vandy.

Adam P: Vandy.

Eric: Vandy.

(Lots of analysis on this one.)

South Carolina at Georgia (-24.0)

Jamie: USC… Georgia wins safely but too many points there.

Adam P: The Bulldogs keep making their presence felt.

Derek: Dawgs can’t afford to not cover and lose No. 1 CFP rank.

Ole Miss at Kentucky (-3.5)

Jamie: Kentucky, but man it’d sure be the UK thing to do to lose this one.

Derek: Rebs are worst team in the league, bar none.

Eric: I do not trust Kentucky at all. But if you give up a 24 point lead to us then I’m sure as hell not picking you.

Tennessee (-6.5) vs Southern Miss

Jamie: S Miss. Things may get way ugly on Rocky Top as this season winds up.

Adam P: Only 6.5 points? Oh how far Rocky Top has fallen.

Eric: Tennessee gets this (relatively) comfortably. They might dunk Butch Jones in that trash can if they don’t.

LSU at Alabama (-21.0)

Jamie: Bama, because Bama.

Adam P: Another statement game for the Crimson Tide.

Derek: Both teams had two weeks to prepare; I’ll go with Saban big in that scenario.