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Bret Bielema Fired As Arkansas Head Coach

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The move was expected and quick.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The move that just about everyone anticipated would happen is now official. After a 4-8 season, Bret Bielema has been fired as the Razorbacks’ coach.

Media received the press release before they were all seated for the post game press conference. Bielema (who still did the post game press conference) said he was told he would be fired while still on the field.

Just about everyone expected Bielema to be fired, and none would have batted an eye if it had happened tomorrow. But the way this was handled by the University is pretty classless.

Yes Bielema should have been fired after this season, there is no doubt about that. Anyone who watched what transpired this season can see that, but despite the salaries, the wins and losses, and everything surrounding the program, he still deserved to go out in a more decent manner. While he failed as a football coach he improved the state of the program and ran things with class and dignity, he deserved to leave the program the same way.

For Arkansas, the search will start immediately. Across college football media, the Iron Bowl could have a significant impact on the coaching search. This note also mentions Arkansas could be looking at Mike Norvell from Memphis.