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Arkansas Fight Rivalry Week Pick’em

Who gets bragging rights in the AF slack channel?

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it to the final week of the college football season. We’ve picked games all season and whoever gets bragging rights comes down to the final week. Here are our standings at this point.

Adam P: 47-36-3 (56.6%)

Cody: 41-32-3 (56.2%)

Eric: 46-37-3 (55.4%)

Jamie & Derek: 43-40-3 (51.8%)

Josh: 42-41-3 (50.6%)

Everyone is close enough this week! Here’s who we have this rivalry week.

Arkansas Fight Rivalry Week Pick’em

Week 13 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
Week 13 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Cody
Last Week 5-1 4-2 5-1 3-3 4-2 5-1
Overall 46-37-3 42-41-3 47-36-3 43-40-3 43-40-3 41-32-3
Missouri (-11.0) at Arkansas Ark +11.0 Ark +11.0 Ark +11.0 Ark +11.0 Mizzou -11.0 Mizzou -11.0
Ole Miss at Mississippi State (-16.0) Miss St -16.0 Miss St -16.0 Miss St -16.0 OM +16.0 OM +16.0 Miss St -16.0
Kentucky vs Louisville (-10.0) UL -10.0 UL -10.0 UL -10.0 Kent +10.0 Kent +10.0 UL -10.0
Florida vs Florida State (-5.0) FSU -5.0 FSU -5.0 FSU -5.0 FSU -5.0 FSU -5.0 FSU -5.0
Georgia (-11.0) at Georgia Tech UGA -11.0 UGA -11.0 UGA -11.0 Tech +11.0 UGA -11.0 UGA -11.0
Alabama (-4.5) at Auburn Bama -4.5 Bama -4.5 Auburn +4.5 Bama -4.5 Bama -4.5 Auburn +4.5
Vanderbilt at Tennessee (-1.0) Tenn -1.0 Tenn -1.0 Tenn -1.0 Vandy +1.0 Tenn -1.0 Tenn -1.0
Texas A&M at LSU (-10.5) TAMU +10.5 TAMU +10.5 LSU -10.5 LSU -10.5 LSU -10.5 LSU -10.5
South Carolina vs Clemson (-14.0) Clem -14.0 Clem -14.0 Clem -14.0 SC +14.0 Clem -14.0 Clem -14.0

Missouri (-11.0) at Arkansas

Jamie: Arkansas. I’m not sure they win but everybody in that building knows it’s CBB’s last game. I think they’ll play hard for him.

Adam P: I'll give it to [REDACTED] for his last game, but my heart tells me they still lose.

Derek: Tigers have been a cover machine as of late, and that won't change this week.

Eric: I don’t know why I’m picking Arkansas. Holiday spirit has me in a good mood I guess.

Ole Miss at Mississippi State (-16.0)

Adam P: Ouch. This one's tough but I can't doubt the Cowbell.

Derek : That's way too high a number for the Egg Bowl.

Kentucky vs Louisville (-10.0)

Jamie: Kentucky covers. May win outright.

Eric: Lamar Jackson throws for 350 and another 100 but no one notices.

Florida vs Florida State (-5.0)

Adam P: Remember when both of these teams were good? Give me the 'Noles.

Derek: Remember when this used to be the biggest game of the year? Seems like ages ago.

Georgia (-11.0) at Georgia Tech

Jamie: Tech. Georgia wins but gets caught watching the Bama/Aubbie score.

Adam P: Jackets gonna get stung.

Alabama (-4.5) at Auburn

Adam P: I want to pick Alabama. Everything tells me to pick Alabama. But screw it, GUS BUS ROLLS!

Eric: With all the Gus news this has such an odd feeling. Oh well, there’s no way I’m picking against Bama no matter what.

Vanderbilt at Tennessee (-1.0)

Jamie: Vandy. Outright.

Eric: Do we have to? Vols, I guess.

Texas A&M at LSU (-10.5)

Derek: Death, taxes, Aggies losing big to LSU.

Jamie: LSU. Sumlin gonna throw the throttle wide open in his last game...that’s a bad thing.

South Carolina vs Clemson (-14.0)

Jamie: South Carolina. Rivalry and could cause some fun Playoff chaos.

Adam P: I like seeing an angry Muschamp. This should prove many angry Muschamp moments.