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Arkansas Fight Week 6 Pick ‘em

All Conference games this Saturday.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Week six of the college football season and we have six SEC games to pick from this weekend. Arkansas’ game and a matchup between LSU and Florida are the only single score spreads. Vegas expects some pretty big blowouts in College Station, Auburn and Nashville. What do we think will happen this weekend?

Arkansas Fight Week 6 Pick ‘em

WEEK 6 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
WEEK 6 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
Last Week 2-6 3-5 5-3 6-2 5-3 4-4 3-5
Overall 23-15-1 17-21-1 21-17-1 23-15-1 18-20-1 21-17-1 13-15-1
Arkansas (-1.5) at South Carolina S Car +1.5 Ark -1.5 S Car +1.5 Ark -1.5 Ark -1.5 Ark -1.5 S Car +1.5
Ole Miss at Auburn (-22.5) Aub -22.5 Aub -22.5 Aub -22.5 Aub -22.5 OM +22.5 Aub -22.5 Aub -22.5
Georgia (-17.5) at Vanderbilt UGA -17.5 UGA -17.5 UGA -17.5 Vandy +17.5 UGA -17.5 UGA -17.5 UGA -17.5
LSU at Florida (-2.5) UF -2.5 LSU +2.5 UF -2.5 UF -2.5 UF -2.5 UF -2.5 UF -2.5
Alabama (-26.5) at Texas A&M TAMU +26.5 TAMU +26.5 TAMU +26.5 TAMU +26.5 Bama -26.5 TAMU +26.5 Bama -26.5
Missouri at Kentucky (-9.5) UK -9.5 UK -9.5 UK -9.5 UK -9.5 UK -9.5 UK -9.5 UK -9.5

Arkansas (-1.5) at South Carolina

Adam P: South Carolina. Prove me wrong BB.

Jamie: Arkansas, because if not… oh lord the next few conference games.

Derek: Because why not?

Ole Miss at Auburn (-22.5)

Adam P: 22.5 is going easy on Ole Miss. Give Me Auburn at home all day and night.

Jamie: Auburn, wheels officially off in Oxford.

Eric: Tigers are back to convincing people that they are, in fact, a very good team.

Georgia (-17.5) at Vanderbilt

Robert: Vanderbilt scares me, but Georgia has been the correct choice every time they've been offered in this pick'em.

Derek: Easy cover for the Dawgs.

LSU at Florida (-2.5)

Jamie: Florida, wheels officially off in Baton Rogue.

Robert: LSU will get a lead in this game, but I don't think they can maintain it. It's going to be close enough that O's seat will cool off a little.

Eric: Nope. Not taking LSU with this spread. No sir. Definitely not.

Alabama (-26.5) at Texas A&M

Adam P: My heart is telling me Bama, but My BODY is telling me A&M. Body wins.

Robert: I think Texas A&M loses by 3 scores, but 26.5 is a LOT of points.

Derek: Easy money. Kellen Mond against that defense? Lol

Missouri at Kentucky (-9.5)

Jamie: UK, wheels done been off in CoMo.

Robert: Mizzou is going to have to catch somebody sleeping, but I think Kentucky is going to be hungry after their 24-20 dud from last week.

Eric: How ugly is this going to get for Mizzou? Pretty bad if Kentucky remembers to cover everyone.