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Arkansas Fight Week 8 SEC Pick’Em

Four conference games and one non-con. Who are we taking this weekend?

Auburn v LSU Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Not the most compelling weekend in the SEC. Several Eastern Division teams are on a bye this weekend and all but one game features a double digit spread. So what do we think? Can Tennessee keep it from getting even more embarrassing this year? How much does DACOACHO beat his former team? Surely Missouri won’t lost to Idaho, right?

Arkansas Fight Week 8 SEC Pick’Em

WEEK 8 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
WEEK 8 Eric Josh Adam P Jamie Derek Robert Cody
LAST WEEK 3-4 2-5 4-3 4-3 3-4 3-4 4-3
OVERALL 29-22-1 22-29-1 28-23-1 28-23-1 23-28-1 26-25-1 19-22-1
Auburn (-15.5) at Arkansas Aub -15.5 Ark +15.5 Aub -15.5 Aub -15.5 Aub -15.5 Aub -15.5 Aub -15.5
Idaho at Missouri (-14.0) Mizzou -14.0 Mizzou -14.0 Mizzou -14.0 Idaho +14.0 Mizzou -14.0 Mizzou -14.0 Mizzou -14.0
Tennessee at Alabama (-36.0) Tenn -36.0 Tenn -36.0 Bama -36.0 Tenn -36.0 Bama -36.0 Bama -36.0 Bama -36.0
Kentucky at Miss State (-12.0) UK +12.0 Miss St -12.0 Miss St -12.0 UK +12.0 UK +12.0 Miss St -12.0 Miss St -12.0
LSU (-7.0) at Ole Miss LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0 LSU -7.0

Auburn (-15.5) at Arkansas

Derek: Gus sends a message.

Robert: I can't in good conscience ever pick us again... until Missouri is on the schedule.

Adam P: This could be worse than Bama or one of those weird games where CBB makes us question if we're Bielemers.

Jamie: Auburn. Kam Pettway is gonna run for 300.

Eric: Auburn’s running game is going to be a big problem.

Idaho at Missouri (-14.0)

Adam P: Because I assume Idaho is REALLY bad with that line.

Jamie: Idaho. Do we trust Missouri vs anyone?

Derek: Drew Lock has a field day with the Vandals.

Tennessee at Alabama (-36.0)

Derek: Easy cover for the Tide.

Robert: Saban has no mercy.

Adam P: Huge Line. Huge embarrassment coming up for Butch and the boys.

Kentucky at Miss State (-12.0)

Robert: I don't even know.

Jamie: Kentucky. They’re too good to be double digit dogs to anyone but Bama & UGA.

Eric: Let’s do this Cats, you control your destiny to Atlanta. Make it happen.

LSU (-7.0) at Ole Miss

Derek: Orgeron going to have to back up the talk this week.

Adam P: LSU could have a meltdown against a bad team, again, but I think they get this done easy.