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Arkansas Cornerback D.J. Dean Suffers Hamstring Injury In Preseason Camp

Does this qualify as the injury bug yet? Starting to feel like this is the injury bug.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas fortunately hasn’t suffered any major, season-ending injuries this August like they did last year (knock on wood, rub decorative Hog helmet, etc), but the Hogs have gotten a little banged up already in camp. And that’s continuing with the news today that senior cornerback D.J. Dean injured his hamstring and is likely to miss at least the rest of camp.

Bret Bielema announced this at his press conference Wednesday afternoon. He said that Dean, who also missed spring practice recovering from an injury, could end up redshirting if it takes him too long to get back into the two-deep. Hamstring injuries have a bad reputation for being slow to heal.

Arkansas does have depth at cornerback, but for a defensive secondary basing its case for improvement on experience, it’s something of a hit to lose a senior from the group if he’s out too long.

We’ve basically reached the point of August camp that causes us to say “stop practicing! no more practice injuries!” Just two more weeks to go.