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Bovada Lists Arkansas 20/1 Odds To Win SEC Championship

Are the Razorbacks getting respect from the oddsmakers?

NCAA Football: Liberty Bowl-Kansas State vs Arkansas Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As we get deeper into the summer, from what I’ve been able to tell, whatever skepticism there was of this team in the spring is transforming into optimism as kickoff draws nearer.

That’s pretty much standard operating procedure every year. And it should be, because just bringing football back is a fun thing, and fun things are good.

So, if everybody’s excited, how much money are we willing to put on the team?

Bovada on Wednesday released their odds for each team to win the SEC West as well as the SEC Championship. Arkansas is listed as 14/1 to win the West and 20/1 to win the championship.

Personally, I think that’s a pretty good value bet. I’m not saying I’d bet money and I’m not encouraging anybody else to do so, but you know. Just saying.

Here’s the full list of SEC odds:

Odds to win the SEC West Division

  • Alabama 4/5
  • LSU 9/4
  • Auburn 7/1
  • Ole Miss 12/1
  • Arkansas 14/1
  • Texas A&M 14/1
  • Mississippi State 20/1

Odds to win the SEC Championship

  • Alabama 7/4
  • LSU 7/2
  • Tennessee 7/2
  • Georgia 9/1
  • Ole Miss 10/1
  • Texas A&M 16/1
  • Auburn 18/1
  • Florida 18/1
  • Arkansas 20/1
  • Kentucky 50/1
  • Missouri 50/1
  • Mississippi State 50/1
  • South Carolina 66/1
  • Vanderbilt 100/1

As you can see, they have Arkansas 5th in the West and 9th in the league, though the Hogs are clearly in a tier above the Kentucky, Missouri, etc teams below the Razorbacks. It’s interesting that Arkansas and Texas A&M both are 14/1 to win the West, but the Aggies have better odds of winning the entire conference.

Also, they’re not big on Mississippi State. Of course, the Bulldogs did finally lose Dak Prescott to graduation, but there hasn’t been a lot of talk about them falling too far. We’ll see how it plays out. That’s one losing streak Arkansas really needs to break as soon as possible.