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Arkansas WR Keon Hatcher Has Foot Surgery Again

All the broken feet reside in Fayetteville, it seems.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Keon Hatcher missed almost all of last season after breaking his foot in the second game of the year and after what appeared to be a successful month of spring practice, his foot is back in the boot.

We don't know much about this particular injury yet. The public only found out about it when Hatcher posted a picture of his foot in a boot on his snapchat page with a note that he had surgery on it. The Democrat-Gazette reported that sources confirmed he did in fact have the operation.

Hatcher did not appear injured at the end of the spring game nearly two weeks ago, so it's uncertain when and how he suffered the injury. We also don't know how long he'll be out. As we all know, the Hogs have four months before kickoff against Louisiana Tech. Bret Bielema is scheduled to address the media later this week and likely will elaborate on what happened and when he'll be able to play.

Arkansas has gone through a puzzling series of foot injuries over the past year, beginning with Jonathan Williams' injury in preseason camp last August. It's happened enough that it seems beyond coincidental, but there's nothing we can do but speculate.