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Jacksonville Jaguars Pick Arkansas' Brandon Allen in 6th Round of NFL Draft

Arkansas has now put three consecutive starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

For most of his career, we'd start this off with something like, "Brandon Allen, yep, that Brandon Allen has been taken in the NFL Draft."

Today, this is not shocking news. After a mostly stellar senior season in which Allen put his name at or near the top of several Razorback passing records, he's now going to have a chance in the NFL.

We've written a ton about him over the years. Here's our draft profile from earlier this week, and here is our career retrospective of the Hogs' signal-caller.

Allen was taken by Jacksonville in the 6th round. He was the 201st overall pick. According to the roster on their official site, the only quarterbacks on their roster are Blake Bortles, their starter for the last two years and he was backed up by Chad Henne (yes, he's still in the league). It seems like Allen will have a great chance at landing a spot on the roster.

After spending most of his Razorback career as a lightning rod for criticism, specifically for failing to come through and win close games, he busted through in the second half of the season with incredible performances in the 4OT game vs Auburn, his record-setting performance against Ole Miss, and broke his own records a couple of weeks later against Mississippi State - a game in which many, including myself, roasted the coaching staff for actually not giving Allen the ball in the red zone with a chance to win.

He'll be well-remembered by Razorback fans for a long time and we'll be excited to cheer him on in Jacksonville!