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Watch Clint Stoerner & Anthony Lucas Relive Arkansas vs Tennessee 1999 at UA's Spring Game

Gotta squeeze something fun into the spring game!

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Spring games are notoriously boring affairs. If not for being the only taste of football we get throughout an 8-month offseason that sometimes feels more like 8 years, we wouldn't worry much about what's supposed to be the climactic practice of the spring practice session.

So, a lot of schools like to look for ways to have some special kind of fun. This is what Arkansas came up with this year:

Scottie Bordelon made his best guesses at the surprise, and he wasn't far off. Maybe we can expect to see 4th-and-25 re-enacted in the stadium 15 years from now.

By the way, have to love Stoerner, who was in town working the game for the SEC Network, leaving the shades on while he launched the pass. And Anthony Lucas looks like he could just about still play.

clint stoerner

They did have to wear Arkansas' modern Nike uniforms. Sadly, the Hogs must not have had any of the old Reebok uniforms available.