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Arkansas WR Coach Michael Smith Staying In Fayetteville

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The buzz is that Smith was being courted heavily to join the staff at LSU, but apparently he's decided to stay at Arkansas.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Smith, a Louisiana native, enjoyed a stellar year for the Hogs in 2015, leading Arkansas' receivers to their best year since Jarius Wright, Joe Adams, and Greg Childs led the charge. Smith was also successful in recruiting - signing signing four prospects for Louisiana and nearly stealing Kristian Fulton and Devin White from the Tigers. After not getting a raise last year, expect one this year.

Between Les Miles' shotty job security (remember how they almost fired him?), LSU's shotty financial situation (the governor says they broke), and Smith's daughter playing on the Arkansas softball team, hopefully staying here wasn't too hard of a decision. Well, those things and the likely raise.

If you're wondering, no Smith did not have a no-compete clause in his contract so he could have left for LSU. As an original member of Bielema's staff, he never had one and since he didn't sign a new deal last year, he still didn't have one. Whether or not he gets one now is to be revealed later.