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Jacorey Williams Linked To Multiple Assaults In Fayetteville

Jacorey Williams has had better months than July 2015.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

There have been no arrests nor charges, but according to a report from Eric Bolin of Arkansas News, Williams has been named by witnesses as punching Bryan Jones, a bouncer at a club in Fayetteville, and is also being accused of pushing his girlfriend to the ground.

From Bolin's report:

According to a police report from July 5, Essence Singleton told police she approached her boyfriend, Williams, about money he owed her. She told police Williams grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground.

Jones, who told police he saw the event, said Singleton reached out a hand and put it on Williams’ chest “as if she was trying to get his attention,” the report stated. Jones said he saw Williams swing his arm at Singleton “as if in a gesture to get her away from him.”

When Williams’ arm struck Singleton, it knocked her to the ground, and Jones stepped in between the two and pushed Williams back. The officer took photos of scrapes to Singleton’s hands and knees.

Bryan Jones apparently went on vacation shortly thereafter, and when he was back at work on the 18th, Williams saw him at the club and punched him out to the extent that Jones was rushed to the hospital and briefly lost vision out of his right eye. Jones reportedly believes the punch out is in retaliation from the incident with Singleton.

According to Bolin, "Fayetteville prosecutor Casey Jones said both case are pending until Singleton or Bryan Jones come forward as a complaining witness."

Williams, a senior who had been expected to start this season for Arkansas, is one of the three players currently suspended after being arrested on forgery charges last week.

From an Arkansas basketball standpoint, we are obviously still waiting to see what happens with the forgery, which could make things easy for Mike Anderson. And since Williams is a senior this year, losing Williams won't affect Arkansas' scholarship situation for the future, but lit would obviously affect the team's depth this season.