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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: June 17 - Stadium Expansion?, Hogs-Vols, OmaHogs Recap AND MORE

Plus, the TWEET O' THE WEEK!

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Bret Bielema seems to be on the hunt for another big, nasty lineman from Iowa, and he believes he may have a good one. Jake Heinrich, who was offered by Arkansas a few weeks ago, recently visited Fayetteville and, according to Rivals reports, had a productive visit. But in the report, there was some interesting information about possibly expanding Razorback Stadium. Apparently, the coaching staff mentioned to Heinrich it was going to happen. We'll just have to wait and see. (H/t to @DannyWest1 for the link).

This won't be the first time, and it won't be the last time you see or read a story about Arkansas and Tennessee both trending upward. Bielema and Butch Jones both have their programs on the rise. But we've touched on the subject on this site a few times – Arkansas is ahead of Tennessee as far as getting back to where both of these coaches want to be. Both teams have a beer gut full of momentum, but Bielema's expedited the rebuilding process and, somehow, changed the entire mentality of the program in essentially no time at all. Following The Season That Shall Not Be Named, hardly anyone thought Arkansas would see any success for a few more years, but here we are coming off wins over our biggest rivals and carrying a national ranking into 2015. Hogs-Vols, though, is sure to be a tremendous game this year. Glad it's on the  schedule.

No one expected Arkansas to make the College World Series. No one except for perhaps the players. But early on this season, there had to be at least a bit of doubt in the minds of all involved about who exactly this team was. Arkansas wasn't a good team, there's no two ways about it. Pitching was atrocious, and the offense left too many men on base in key spots – kind of like what happened in Omaha. But the team grinded mentally and physically, and made something of itself and reached the 40-win plateau once again, matching last season's overall record with a less talented group. But really, this team deserves all the gritcoins PFTCommenter has to offer.

Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins may not be getting the same preseason pub other SEC backs like Nick Chubb, Leoneard Fournette or even the human city Derrick Henry are, but when you put the two Razorback tailbacks together, they make one heck of a duo. They may just be the best offensive tandem in the SEC.

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