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Arkansas Razorbacks Bracketology NCAA Tournament Projections: March 9

Where do the Hogs stand after the LSU loss?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas and LSU had a mini-war in Bud Walton Arena on Saturday, and I think I still have PTSD.

Although the Razorbacks' bid to the NCAA Tournament is secured, it's important to realize these games still very much matter because they will determine where Arkansas is placed in the Tournament, which could determine how far the Hogs go. The loss to LSU dropped Arkansas from a borderline 4/5 seed to closer to a 5/6 seed. Arkansas probably has to win their first SEC Tournament game on Friday night to have any shot of a 5-seed, and probably must win the Tournament to go back to the 4-seed conversation.

However, with so many teams bunched together this time of year, Arkansas could also rise or fall based on what other teams are doing. So here's a list of five teams to root against this week in hopes of helping Arkansas' seeding situation: West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgetown, Butler, and Utah.

And without further ado, Arkansas' latest projections:

  • ESPN: 5-seed vs Wofford in Jacksonville . The winner would play the Baylor/Georgia State winner. 
  • CBS: 6-seed in Columbus vs Davidson. Jerry Palm is the same guy that moved us up to a 4-seed after we lost to Kentucky, so this is a pretty steep drop. The winner of Iowa State/UC Davis game would be waiting in the next round.
  • SB Nation: 5-seed in Jacksonville vs the winner of a play-in game between BYU and Texas (JOY OF JOYS!). That winner would play the Baylor/Louisiana Tech winner.
  • Fox Sports: 5-seed vs Valparaiso in Seattle. The winner would play the Louisville/Iona winner. 
  • USA Today: 5-seed vs Wofford in the South Region. They don't specify locations. In their bracket, the Arkansas would play the Northern Iowa/Valparaiso winner.
  • Yahoo! Sports: 5-seed. They don't fill out a full bracket but just rank all the teams. They have the Hogs as #19. That would theoretically match up Arkansas with #47 Texas/BYU play-in winner or #48 Wofford somewhere, maybe.
  • NBC Sports: 5-seed vs Wofford in Portland. The winner would play the Northern Iowa/Iona winner.
  • Bracket Matrix, which averages over 90 different bracketologists, has Arkansas averaging as the last 5-seed.

Also, it should be noted that most brackets have the SEC now getting 5 teams in the NCAA Tournament as Texas A&M has fallen after losing their last couple of games. They're the only SEC team that can play their way in by winning some games in Nashville (other than teams winning the whole Tournament, obviously). Fortunately for Arkansas, they're on the other side of the bracket.Ole Miss may need to win a game as well just because another bad loss could knock them out of the Tournament.