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Join The Arkansas Fight NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge


Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Since Arkansas is in the NCAA Tournament this year, we're hosting an Bracket Challenge for our little community.

As per SB Nation rules, we're using the platform the mothership has an agreement to use, so I apologize if you're already set up on ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS or somewhere else. Feel free to enter your bracket with us here.

The group name is "Arkansas Fight" and the password as always is "mayday".

This is the first time I've used this platform so let me know if you encounter any issues. One thing I'm not particularly fond of is that I think we can only submit one bracket. I was hoping to do a total homer bracket that had Arkansas in the Final Four and one that was flooded in detached objectivity like they teach us in journalism school. But we could only do one so I compromised with myself and had the Razorbacks to the Elite Eight. However, if you figure out how to submit more than one bracket, let me know.

The winner will get some authentic and highly valuable Jeff Long-approved INTEGRITY, plus a shoutout here and/or on Twitter and/or on Facebook. And all the kudos you can handle. The loser, in the spirit of our basketball team's new reputation from the Kentucky media, will get trash-talked - possibly by Ryan Higgins.

So join in. Should be a fun few weeks.