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"We're Still Playin' Football!"Chuck Barrett Calls Arkansas' Backwards Hail Mary and Game-Winner

This will never get old.

It will go down as one of the most memorable moments in Razorback history, and such a moment is never complete without the local radio call. Here's Chuck Barrett's call of the Backwards Hail Mary and also of the overtime touchdown and 2-point conversion that won the game.

"We're still playin' football!" He was as shocked as we all were.

These kinds of crazy plays always seem to happen to someone else. It's still pretty surreal that it happened for the Razorbacks.

It's cool that Chuck got to call a play like this. We still hear so many great Paul Eells calls on the radio and this may be one of the handful of individual plays that people want to look back on and relive over and over.

Here's the video of the play so you can watch again.