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Trophy for Arkansas-Missouri Game Unveiled

So what do you think?

Arkansas-Missouri Trophy

Here it is. The official trophy of the Battle Line Rivalry, complete with corporate sponsor logo and everything.

Apparently, the kick here is that the "battle line" in the middle of the trophy is interchangeable and will change colors depending on who won the most recent game. So it's starting out in gold as you can see. But when Arkansas wins, it will change to red:

I kind of like it, honestly. Not a big fan of the name or the corporate logo, but I do like trophies. David Bazzell is listed as the designer and project lead, so it seems he's really big into trophies that look like the shape of the states represented by the participating teams, as it does have a strong resemblance to The Boot.

Here are some quick facts about it:

  • Precious Metal Used: Silver
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Height: 4’ 4" inches
  • Base: 2’5"
  • 90lbs: Weight of the outline of Arkansas & Missouri
  • 25lbs: Weight of each interchangeable "Battle Line" border piece
  • 1200lbs & 2.5 inches: Weight & thickness of the steel used to cut the outline of Arkansas & Missouri
  • 40 consecutive hours: The time it took for a water jet machine to cut the 90lb & 2.5 inch thick outline of Arkansas & Missouri. Because of the precision & quality of the cut and thickness of steel, the water jet could only cut 1 inch per hour.
  • 30 Hours (3 1/2 Days): Time of hand polish time on the trophy during production
  • 400 Gallon Tank: Because of the size and weight of the trophy it took the 2nd largest tank in North America and 4 workers to hold the trophy during silver plating.