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Pork Links: Call Arkansas' 4th-and-25 Play "The Immaculateral"

There hasn't been anything else to discuss in Hogland since Saturday.

Arkansas coverts improbable 4th-and-25 in miraculous fashion

Things looked bleak for the Arkansas Razorbacks but they proved it's NEVER over until it's over!

Posted by SB Nation on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Credit to NC_Hogfan for coming up with "The Immaculateral" for what happened in Oxford on Saturday. It's the best name I've heard and I'm going with it. I also like that it doesn't involve a pig pun and it's only one word. It also encompasses so much in one word. And it has an internal rhyme.

We need to start rolling with this ASAP because people are labeling it all sorts of things, all worse than The Immaculateral. The Woo Pig Lateral is absolutely terrible. The Henry Heave is better but doesn't infer as much as The Immaculateral. Naming after Henry ignores all the other aspects of the play that were integral: Dan Skipper's tip, Collins' run, Drew Morgan blocking, Dominique Reed's recovery. All were vital. If we're going to win this, we need to get rolling. T-shirts are already being made, mostly awful ones. Go to WholeHogSports' poll and flood the comments with "The Immaculateral" so we don't have to live with a bad name.

ESPN's Sport Science broke down The Immaculateral in this pretty cool video. At so many points, the play should have failed. For instance, when the ball bounced straight up into Alex Collins' hands? There was a 30-1 shot the ball would bounce that way. It would have been an even longer shot had Dan Skipper not tipped the ball and killed its spin from Hunter Henry's toss.

The ESPN Win Probability Chart from the game is insane. And somehow it's only the sixth-craziest such chart from this season. I'd like to know the other five.

As you can imagine, if Arkansas had lost that game after pulling off The Immaculateral, it would have gone down as one of the most cruel defeats in Razorback history. Fortunately for us, it's the Ole Miss fans who are having to deal with that problem. Our friends at Red Cup Rebellion went very introspective. I imagine nighttime, bourbon, and a typewriter.

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