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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Drew Morgan, Fallen Preseason Hype and More

Arkansas and Tennessee might be the biggest matchup of "what could've been" all season.

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When your team is 1-3, positives can be few and far between. One that came from Arkansas' loss to Texas A&M was the emergence of Drew Morgan. He had eight catches for 155 yards, both career highs, and a touchdown in the game. The coaching staff has been raving about Morgan stepping up into a leadership role with the injuries to multiple wide receivers. Morgan talks about his willingness to step into that role here. Bielema and Dan Enos also have plenty to say on how Morgan has been a huge help for the developing pass offense.

Going into the season, the Tennessee game was one many had circled as a big game for both programs, now it is for all of the wrong reasons. It was supposed to be a matchup between two up and coming SEC teams to gauge who could be the next team to take that step. Instead the two teams have come crashing down to earth are a combined 3-5 and trying to salvage whatever they can of their season. In addition to that, both teams blew fourth quarter leads last weekend, rubbing even more salt in the wound. The Tennessean admits that both programs have become the punchline for many jokes this season, but this game is the opportunity to turn that around.

Just like both programs are under a lot of pressure, so are the head coaches. Butch Jones is especially under pressure due to some questionable decisions against Florida last week. Now after giving up late leads in two games in a row, Jones is calling the game a must win for the Vols. It's important to remember that the SEC East has potential to get especially wacky in the coming months, so if Tennessee gets a win against Arkansas, they fell as if they could be right back in the thick of the race for the division title.

The challenge this week will be the different style of play the two teams will be facing. From Tennessee's perspective, it is most important to make the most of the drives they have in contrast to the grinding style that Arkansas will use. Tennessee players and coaches are both emphasizing that the Vols have to minimize the mistakes and try and keep time of possession as equal as possible. For the Hogs, going from two pass heavy offenses in Texas Tech and Texas A&M to Tennessee's style will present issues as well.