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Bret Bielema Press Conference Recap - September 22nd

Here's what the Head Hog had to say leading into Texas A&M week.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive MVP - Keon Hatcher, Defense- Trey Flowers, Special Teams - Korliss Marshall and Jeremy Sprinkle

Josh Williams didn't start but played nearly entire game after Ellis' injury.

Demetrius Wilson is cleared for practice today. Rohan Gaines is fine. Brooks Ellis took some more tests today but they are expecting him to be able to play Saturday.

All the obligatory great things to say about Texas A&M. Did say their offensive system is similar to Texas Tech's but they have better personnel. Noted that A&M is scoring every seven plays. Bielema said the defense is feeling good after the last few games but he's had to remind them, "What have you done?" They certainly can't let up at all. Obviously a huge challenge on Saturday.

He's very well aware that Arkansas is the only SEC West team not ranked yet. He's not happy being the only one out but admits the team hasn't earned a ranking yet.

They're still calling the A&M game the Southwest Classic so Bielema is referring to the game as a Trophy Game for the team.

Reiterated his desire not to go the juco route. Tries to only take jucos who qualify out of high school. Said he thinks he only signed a couple at Wisconsin.

Regrets that they weren't able to redshirt Martrell Spaight last year because of how well he's playing now.

Bielema said "some of you might faint" because he sent a congratulatory text to Gus Malzahn after Auburn beat Kansas State Thursday night and Malzahn responded in kind. We're guessing Bielema's text read "Congrats on K-State missing all those field goals you lucky sumbitch" and Gus' text was just a picture of his middle finger. But we're also sure Hogville will FOIA those texts by the end of the day and we'll get the real messages.