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How Will You Handle SEC Network Games?

The SEC Network will be your only option to watch several SEC football games this fall.

The SEC Digital Network
The SEC Digital Network

The SEC Network launches on August 14th.  Are you ready?

Every SEC team will have games on the SEC Network, so even if you're not just watching Razorback games, you may still have difficulty catching the games if you don't have access to the new channel.

Arkansas kicks off against Auburn 59 days from today, and it's only available on the SEC Network. Likewise, the Hogs' second game and home opener against Nicholls State, will also only be available on the SEC Network. Not every Razorback game will be on that channel, but several likely will be.

If you don't already know your status, they have a website where you can find out if your provider has the channel. Basically, if you don't have U-Verse, Dish Network, or Google Fiber, you don't have the network as of today. There were reports yesterday that Comcast may be near a deal. If you don't have it (like if you have Cox in Northwest Arkansas) they give you all the info you need to extort your provider into getting the channel.

Let us know in the poll below where you stand. Good Luck!