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Arkansas Razorbacks’ Games vs Auburn & Nicholls State to Kickoff at 3:00 pm on SEC Network

We’ve reached the point of the off-season when early parts of the football schedule are coming out.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC announced today that both of Arkansas’ first two games of the season, at Auburn on August 31st and hosting Nicholls State on September 6th, will kickoff at 3:00 central and be televised on the SEC Network.

This means if you’re planning on going to the games, it’ll probably be really freaking hot and folks will ask Bielema about how he survives in his tracksuits during the games. But if you’re watching on TV, make sure you’re somewhere that gets the SEC Network. As of right now, the only carriers for the network are AT&T U-verse, DISH, Google Fiber and NRTC.  Neither Comcast, Cox, nor DirecTV have yet agreed to carry it.

These are the only two games scheduled as of right now. Arkansas’ third game, at Texas Tech, will fall under the Big 12’s television contract since the game is at Lubbock, meaning it will not be on the SEC Network, but possibly ABC or an ESPN or Fox station.