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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: February 23

Lets stop kidding ourselves, #SECBasketballFever has turned this into a two bid league.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida Gators 25-2 (14-0), RPI 3, LW: 1

How they are the only team immune to #SECBasketballFever, the world may never know.

2. Kentucky Wildcats 21-6 (11-3), RPI 10, LW 2

They have a revenge game against Arkansas this week and then it should be smooth sailing until their rematch with Florida on Mar. 8.

3. Missouri Tigers 19-8 (7-7), RPI 45, LW: 3

After spending the night in a Tuscaloosa hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot, the Tigers are looking to Haith their way out of the NCAA Tournament.

T-4. Tennessee Volunteers 16-11 (7-7), RPI 58, LW: 5

T-4. Arkansas Razorbacks 18-9 (7-7), RPI 65, LW: 7

These two teams have different situations, but deserve the same ranking. Both teams share the same bad loss, Texas A&M (Tennessee lost to them twice). Arkansas has three top 50 RPI wins to Tennessee's one. The problem for the Hogs is that their December non-conference schedule continues to haunt them. The Razorbacks have six wins against RPI 275+ teams (four against 300+), while Tennessee only has two such wins.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 15-11 (9-5), RPI 88, LW: 4

The Bulldogs will finish no worse than .500 in conference play, which is truly remarkable. They can knock Missouri out of the NCAA Tournament if they defeat the Tigers this week. Hog fans probably shouldn't cheer for that considering Missouri's two wins over Arkansas means every time the Tigers lose, it hurts Arkansas RPI double.

7. LSU Tigers 16-10 (7-7), RPI 69, LW: 8

This once hopeful NCAA Tournament team is now trying to hold on to an NIT bid as they have lost five of their last seven.

8. Ole Miss Rebels 16-11 (7-7), RPI 80, LW: 6

It seems like yesterday they were in third place in the SEC standings and complaining they weren't getting any NCAA Tournament talk. Now they're on a four game losing streak and are another bubble team for the NIT.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores 15-11 (7-7), RPI 86, LW: 9

There is always next year for Vandy.

10. Texas A&M Aggies 16-11 (7-7), RPI 119, LW: 10

They are NCAA Tournament dream killers. They knocked Tennessee out of the tournament by defeating him twice and their win over Arkansas is what is keeping the Hogs off the tournament bubble. They can do the same thing to Missouri and play spoiler in the SEC Tournament as well.

11. Alabama Crimson Tide 11-16 (5-9), RPI 118, LW: 12

They have an opportunity to get revenge against arch rival Auburn, but other than that they have nothing left to play for. I'm sure Anthony Grant's fate has already been decided and nothing short of winning the SEC Tournament would change that. I know there is a movement within the Tennessee fan base to bring Bruce Pearl. I wonder if Bama is ready to bring back a coach who left the program amidst scandal, Wimp Sanderson.

12. Auburn Tigers 12-13 (4-10), RPI 158, LW: 11

Their coaching situation is interesting in the fact that who else is Auburn going to get if they fire Barbee?

13. South Carolina Gamecocks 10-17 (3-11), RPI 176, LW: 13

It would be terrible for the conference, but hilarious if they upset either Florida or Kentucky coming up. Absolutely hilarious.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-14 (3-11), RPI 204, LW: 14

They let Rick Stansbury retire and now they're here.