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HookEmGate 2014: Did Bret Bielema Flash The Down Hook'Em Sign At Texas Bowl Press Conference?

Is that what it appears to be? OMG

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The Internet's abuzz on Saturday with the "did he/didn't he" debate regarding whether Bret Bielema flashed the down hook 'em sign at his Texas Bowl press conference with Charlie Strong Saturday afternoon.

Aaron Peters, sports anchor for the KNWA "Razorback Nation" crew, took the above picture while the two coaches were shaking hands for a photo opportunity. The picture quickly went all over the place, but many initially claimed it was photoshopped after scientifically analyzing the image and noting that Bielema's index finger looks strangely the same size as his pinky finger.

That theory was shot down when we finally saw video of the event, as shown on this vine:

Not enough? Here you can see the movement taking place from start to finish. It lasts for a split second. Again, this is what the Internet has been freaking out about today. This. Really, this.

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As you can see, he clearly did something with his hand there. Many have said Arkansas is denying Bielema intentionally made a downward hook 'em sign, although I have not seen any official statement.

I suppose this all means you can believe what you want regarding whether he made the sign or not. Personally, I like to think if he was going to make the sign, it would be blatant. It wouldn't be on the sly for a moment with his arm totally down by his side. People would know, kinda like when this happened:

I tend to think he was scratching something or cracking his knuckles, but I could certainly be wrong. Bielema certainly understands the importance of hand symbols from throwing the A and what not. That may have been part of Bielema's plan all along. Feel free to offer your scientific opinion, not unlike this Dallas Morning News reporter.

What say you?