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Arkansas Razorbacks at the Texas Bowl - Day 1: Rodeo Bowl

The Rodeo Bowl was Friday night, and as per tradition, apparently the event was rigged in Texas' favor.

Ok, I'm trying to piece this event together. Texas won the event as far as I can tell by a score of 3-2. However, the Arkansas contingent in attendance is claiming shenanigans. This might not seem relevant, but according to the Texas Bowl website, the winner of the Rodeo Bowl is 7-1 in the actual Texas Bowl, so clearly the winner of the Rodeo Bowl is of vital importance.

The event kicked off with a touchdown dance competition among the two team's offensive linemen, which Arkansas easily won, apparently.

The Razorbacks followed that up with a victory in the calf penning competition

Texas won the mascot roping contest, although I'm sure Arkansas fans everywhere are relieved to see Brandon Allen complete this toss

The Longhorns tied it with a win in calf chalk branding, but this video of the Razorbacks tackling and branding the calf is pretty sweet! Tackle made by TE Jack Kraus. Good form!

After that it starts to get a little hazy. Arkansas did something in 20.4 seconds but Texas still went up 3-2 in the calf ribbon pull.

Then the Hogs seemed to win the stick horse race, I guess to tie the event at 3-3.

And then all I can see is that Texas won the whole thing. I'm not sure how. As mentioned, the Arkansas people are saying the Hogs have gotten screwed, which just makes me more nervous for Monday. Hope the Razorbacks are up by enough that the officials can't screw anything up.

Brandon's cowgirl was a little cuter than mine. #Texasbowl

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