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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Dec. 24 – #SECBasketballFever, SEC Rivalries, Texas Bowl AND MORE

Plus, the football team surprising local kids with gifts, and the Tweet of the Week!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The number of conferences SEC basketball teams have lost to this season is 15, which of course means teams are losing to far too many schools than they should be. 20 of the losses have come from either ACC or Big 12 teams and seven have come against the Pac 12 and Big Ten, so it's not like the SEC is losing to only bad schools. We understand the SEC probably ranks fifth among the Power 5 in hoops. But what is concerning is two losses to the Big South. That should never, ever happen. #SECBasketballFever has struck again this season, but numbers say it may be breaking.

If you look across the landscape of college football's most powerful football league, there are some terrific and historic rivalries. Alabama-Auburn, of course, comes to mind first, but the list goes on and on and on – Florida-Georgia, Mississippi State-Ole Miss, LSU-Alabama just to name a few. ESPN's Edward Aschoff has five more rivalries that he, and myself as well, would like to see take off, and one includes Arkansas. No, it's not Missouri.

It's well documented that Arkansas and Texas have similar goals in regards to their identities as football teams – run the football effectively, and play stout defense. But when the two square off IN LESS THAN A WEEK, Bret Bielema and Charlie Strong will attempt to outdo one another using similar coaching and program building philosophies. As much as this game is pumped up for it being a renewal of old SWC foes, it also features two coaches who know what the hell they're doing with their programs.

And at halftime of the Milwaukee game Monday, BERT and the football team surprised some local Boys and Girls Club kids and delivered them all bikes. The faces on the kids were priceless, and it was neat to see them interact with the guys AND get surprised with gifts. Props to whoever came up with the idea to do this. Well done.

Final word

OK, listen. I'm almost as excited about Arkansas and Texas playing in the Texas Bowl as the next person. It's the last Razorback game I'll watch as an undergrad at Arkansas. I wrote about what it meant to me last week. The last thing I need or want is someone who wrote The Mysterious Secret Girls Bathroom Stall Society series to tell me to hate Texas the most. Seriously, I get it. I don't care for Texas either, but don't belittle my generation for not "really understanding a rivalry."

Tweet of the Week

The kid's face in the picture on the left is priceless. 86 loves da kids.