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Bret Bielema Press Conference Tweetcap: December 22nd

Coach B met with the media to prep for TEXAS GAME WEEK

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports



Well, yeah. There's a buzz, I think it's safe to say. Understatement actually.

I'm guessing A.J.'s done at Arkansas. I'd love to see him in the bowl game. It feels like we just got a taste for what he could bring to the team this year. Just doesn't sound like a good chance he'll play next week.

Yeesh. For those who think Storey could come in and play next season, that's right at the top of the list of reasons why that probably won't happen. He's got to practice taking snaps under center. It's an adjustment. Tyler Wilson went through the same thing.

Well, perhaps he's a quick learner.

Win this game and we'll show highlights of it forever. Bowl wins against other opponents don't get that treatment. How long since you saw highlights from the '09 Liberty Bowl? Exactly.

Best ways to increase basketball attendance: commemorate something about 1994 or bring out the football team. There aren't going to be many people at Bud Walton tonight. I'm preparing myself.

Got to save that money for upcoming assistant coaches raises. Smart move.

Bret Bielema can quote every line of Kingpin, I'd bet.

I love that Bielema watched all 12 Texas games and the only analysis he shares is the same basic thing we all know. They have a good defensive line. (Yes, I know there's a lot more he's picked up on that's part of their game plan. I hope.)

Bielema is sure saying all the right things about the emotions of playing Texas. Hope it comes through next week.

PETRINOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! /shakes fist

Can't wait to see JoJo next year.