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Arkansas and Missouri Decide On "Battle Line Rivalry presented by Shelter Insurance" for Game Name

It'll always be "ARMOgeddon" in our hearts.

You knew something like this was coming.

With Arkansas and Missouri now and forever more forced to be Thanksgiving weekend rivals, it should be no surprise the two schools would do something to make it some sort of trademarked affair in the vein of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party or the Red River Shootout (even though the politically correct bigwigs have tried to get both those names changed). "ARMOgeddon" seemed to be catching on with fans online.

Both schools put their top creative thinking caps on and came up with "The Battle Line Rivalry presented by Shelter Insurance". Catch the fever!

There will be more, as I'm expecting the Battle Line to become some sort of tangible thing. Possibly a trophy. Possibly some sort of line-on-the-field gimmick. This according to the press release from Arkansas:

The rivalry clashes against both geographic and historical boundaries - from disputed demarcations of the border separating the two states to notable alumni and former personnel with ties to both storied athletic programs. The historic rivalry between the two states will take on even more meaning now, as every Thanksgiving weekend the Battle Line will be drawn on the gridiron. The Razorbacks or Tigers will ultimately stake claim to the "Line" - until the next meeting.

It appears the "Line" is going to be something. What exactly it is is yet to be determined.

So there you have it. Add this to the list of new traditions. At least until the sponsor eventually changes and we adjust the name.