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Recap Of Houston Nutt At The Little Rock Touchdown Club

The Right Reverend was on full display in Little Rock on Monday, showing the charisma that has charmed several over the years, and that tortured your last nerve when frustrated with him.

Joe Murphy

There was a time not so long ago when it was fair to wonder if Nutt would ever be welcomed back anywhere in Arkansas in any sort of official capacity, but there he was in front of a great crowd at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Monday, vibrant and entertaining as ever.

It was easy to forget the bad times, especially because most of them never came up. But it was admittedly fun to remember the good ones.

Nutt comes in at about the 28:00 mark.

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Nutt really is a great storyteller. He spent most of his podium time going through his life, growing up in Little Rock and working with the School for the Deaf, going to Central, getting recruited by Bear Bryant, getting hired at Arkansas in 1997, lots of references to the 1998 team and some anecdotes from his Arkansas tenure.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the nearly 40 minutes of podium time:

  • Nice ribbing of Rex Nelson, who has done some friendly impersonations of Nutt through the years.
  • "Danny and I have had some free time the last couple of years"
  • "I was the guy who handed out the balogna sandwiches, and there was nothing like it....THICK BALOGNA SANDWICHES"
  • "You got a drivers license?" "You know I'm only 14. I don't have a driver's license." "A drivers license to handle the ball boy."
  • His Bear Bryant, "Finish the game."
  • "Yes. Do it again Clint. Do it again Clint!"
  • Nutt's reenactment of the Miracle on Markham was fun, did not refer to Matt Jones as "Rodney".
  • He even makes fun of himself for saying "special" which is great.

Here's Jim Harris' full review of the performance from Sporting Life Arkansas.