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Bryant Upsets Arkansas 4-1 in First Game of College World Series

The Razorbacks blew most of the opportunities they had to score, and the Bulldogs put together a big 8th inning that sent Arkansas to the loser's bracket. And by big I mean 3 runs.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

All seemed right in the world in the 5th inning. Dominic Ficociello led off with a double that was nearly a home run, and later scored Arkansas' only run on a bases loaded walk.

The Hogs had the bases loaded with no outs, and it seemed like Arkansas was about to enjoy smooth sailing in their first game.

But that's not what happened. Arkansas couldn't manage to score another run as Farris and Matt Vinson both struck out. By the time Arkansas finally made contact, it was a grounder to second base for the easy force out to end the inning.

The disasters weren't finished yet, either. Bryant tied the game in the top of the sixth after an error and a couple of singles. Things were looking up for Arkansas in the bottom of the inning after Tyler Spoon singled and Brian Anderson drew a walk, leaving Arkansas with two runners on and no outs. However, the Razorbacks' momentum was completely halted when, for some reason, Ficociello attempted a bunt, but instead of knocking the ball down, it popped in the air, and the Bryant catcher caught the ball and doubled up Spoon at second.

From that point on the Hogs were dead. You could feel it.

Bryant won the game in the 8th after Barrett Astin was pulled. The Bulldogs reached on a single, followed by a stolen base, then three consecutive batters went single, triple, single and the game was over at 4-1. Arkansas only had three hits for the game, and that's not enough to beat hardly anybody.

The Hogs now have to win four consecutive games to make it out of the regional. They'll face Wichita State Saturday at 2:00 pm in an elimination game.