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LSU Eliminates Arkansas 3-1 In SEC Baseball Tournament

The Razorbacks defeated LSU on Thursday, but the Tigers stayed alive with a 9th-inning rally against Alabama on Friday and then sunk the Hogs on Saturday. What's the point of the Thursday games again?


The Hogs knew they had to make a solid run in the SEC Tournament to have a shot at hosting a regional, and now they have to wait and see if making the semifinals and winning a game against LSU will be enough.

It wasn't the prettiest game for Arkansas. The Hogs picked up a run without recording a hit thanks to some sloppy play from LSU, but then LSU scored three runs late to take the lead.

Arkansas led off the 6th inning with its only hit of the game from Tyler Spoon, but the next batter did a fake bunt-quick swing right back to the pitcher, who then started a double play to end any chance of a threat.

It turned out to be the only hit Arkansas would record the entire game.

The Hogs rotated several pitchers late in the game, and the score easily could have been more lopsided than it was but Arkansas was able to get out of some jams.

The College World Series bracket will be announced Sunday night. We'll find out whether Arkansas hosts or travels to a regional somewhere else tomorrow night.