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Six Razorbacks Invited To NFL Combine

It appears Arkansas will be well-represented in Indianapolis.


Alvin Bailey, Chris Gragg, Dylan Breeding, Knile Davis, Cobi Hamilton, and Tyler Wilson have all been invited to the NFL Combine.

Congratulations to all six of the former Razorbacks. It's an honor to be invited to the event. Dylan Breeding may be the first Razorback kicker to to ever be invited. We're sure the UA will let us know if that is in fact the case. Sadly, punting was one of Arkansas' few bright spots in 2012.

If there's any surprise from us, it's that Dennis Johnson isn't on that list. I really would have liked to see what he could do on all those tests.

The Combine is the place for top college players to audition for NFL scouts and managers.

The Combine will be held February 20-26 in Indianapolis.

Here is the full list of invited players.

The NFL must really have it in for sports writers to release this at midnight after Signing Day. [joke...kinda]