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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: December 27, 2013 - Bielema Interview, Bijhon Jackson, John Brown

News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans. The Lord has decided you will read this.

"The Lord Decided" – So about that Arkansas football season ... Umm, well, Bret Bielema did a little Q&A with the Associated Press about the struggles of the team last season, stating, "The Lord decided" Arkansas would have a tough season before it ever began. Bielema also claims he, Jen and their two vicious dogs received death threats after Jen's "#karma" tweet. It's a good read. He really opens up about the season.

John Brown – I know you're thinking, "why are you writing about John Brown?" Just hang on a second, I have a good reason. On Saturday, Arkansas plays High Point University. So who is John Brown? Well, he's High Point's human highlight reel who just so happened to have made SportsCenter's Top 10 plays three times (kind of like someone else we all know). Brown, who didn't know what a 2-3 zone was four years ago, is the Panther's leading scorer and rebounder this season. He's a great story and his dunks are definitely worth a look.

Bijhon Jackson – We were all wondering what kind of an impact the departure of defensive line coach Charlie Partridge would make on recruiting when news broke he was darting to FAU for the head coaching gig. Turns out, highly-touted defensive lineman Bijhon Jackson from El Dorado isn't going anywhere. He's still steady with the Hogs. Losing Jackson could have been a huge loss for Arkansas considering the Hogs may end up losing it's entire starting D-line from last season, undoubtedly the bright spot of a poor defense.

Hoops Roundtable – Mike Irwin and Aaron Peters sit down and talk a little Hog Ball for Razorback Nation. Arkansas faces off against High Point Saturday before the non-conference finale Texas-San Antonio the following Saturday. After UTSA, the schedule gets fun – a trip to College Station then Florida and Kentucky come to BWA. If you don't like the roundtable, check out this thread from Hogville.