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Merry Hogmas and Happy New Pig!

Exchanging A Bad Memory For A Good One

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Christmas Eve Hog fans! I hope you have your shopping done and the presents are wrapped and under the tree. My mother put up her annual Razorback tree, decorated with red and white balls and Razorback ornaments of all shapes and sizes that we've given to her and that she has collected herself over the years. After the 3-9 season that was, we debated, shortly, whether we wanted to be reminded of the Hogs during what is supposed to be a joyous season. We decided we are Hog fans still, win or lose, and hey, the basketball team needs that tree up.

No bowl tickets or bowl shirts under the tree this year, as in years past. During past Christmases, I got a shirt for the Liberty Bowl and one for the last Cotton Bowl, but thankfully I didn't get one for the 2011 Sugar Bowl. I just can't see wearing around a bad memory. And that is where I am going with the poll this week. What if we could get for Christmas a bad football memory turned into a good one? What if Santa had a time machine and good go back and give us a better memory to warm our Hog hearts after the last two frigid seasons?

Well, it just so happens that last week I was at a sports bar in the North Pole, haha, and I ran into the jolly old elf himself. I got to talking to him, and he said that we really should stick to the red and white color scheme. Looking like coal, he said, doesn't really suit us. I noted his prejudice for red and white, by pointing out what he was wearing. He chuckled, but then got serious, though with a twinkle still in his eye, and said, "I'll give your fans the 21st century to choose from. For your fans, I'll circle the globe really fast in my sleigh, like Superman, and change the score of a game. Here are your choices . . . " And here they are below in the poll. Which would you like Santa to change?

Let me end the post and the year by saying a Merry Hogmas and a Happy New Pig to you all.