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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: November 22, 2013 - Wisconsin Writer Gloats About Bielema, Alex Collins, Maui Info

News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans. Hey, I'm sick of losing football games.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

"We don't talk in number of eights" – Seven straight losses. Seven. The last win was Sept. 14 for all of those wondering. And riding somewhat of a losing skid themselves, Mississippi State is the Hogs best chance of nabbing a conference win this season. And thanks to the MSU blog, For Whom The Cowbell Tolls, I'd like to share pictures of a shirtless Bielema and a battered BMFP with you, and give you notes to get you ready for Saturday's game.

AC3 for MVP – There's little that can be said to argue the point that Alex Collins has been the bright spot for Arkansas this season. It's quite possible he will break Lord McFadden's freshman rushing record before season's end, and that would really be something to see. Ideally, it's difficult to name a player the MVP of a 3-7 football team, but where would Arkansas be in the SEC West standings without him? Wait....

#AloHogs – The Hogs have landed in Maui. Playing in the EA Sports Maui Invitational Tournament for the first time since Ronnie Brewer graced the #10 jersey and the white tube socks, Arkansas is looking to get a few marquee non-conference wins away from Bud Walton Arena. First up is a solid California squad led by Justin Cobbs and a balanced offensive approach. The experienced Golden Bears squad will be a great test for Arkansas before playing either Syracuse or Minnesota in game two.

Carry On, Wisconsin – Wisconsin folks can't get enough of Bielema losing. After leaving Madison nearly a year ago for Fayetteville, UW fans seem to be more concerned with Bielema's struggles in the SEC than filling their own stadium for the 16th ranked team in the nation. A local Madison, Wisc., paper had an interesting* take on he and Arkansas' struggles, and declared it time to gloat over CBB and the Hogs.

*Interesting is used very loosely in this case. The whole ordeal is like when a guy breaks up with a girl, the girl finds another guy, is happy, but still keeps the ex informed on what/how she's doing, like he really gives a rat's ass.