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Texas A&M and Texas Legislation Could Keep Arkansas vs. LSU During Thanksgiving

If you're a fan of playing LSU every Thanksgiving, you may want to pay attention to this silly bill in the Texas legislature.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

We'll say upfront, we're not legal experts, but it's hard to see this bill becoming law. A Texas A&M alumni and representative in the Texas legislature introduced a bill that would require the Longhorns and Aggies to continue their football rivalry each year in a non conference game.

Here's the actual bill if you care to read it. It's only about a page long. It basically just says that Texas and A&M will have to play each year or forfeit state-funded athletic scholarships.

So how does this effect Arkansas? Here's our friend from the LSU site AndTheValleyShook:

In case you've forgotten, it's been rumored that once Arkansas and Missouri become cross-divisional rivals (which we expect will happen in 2014) that game will take place Thanksgiving weekend and LSU will play A&M that weekend. However, Thanksgiving is also the traditional setting of the Lone Star Showdown, and if it is renewed, there will likely be significant pressure to hold the game that weekend.

Again, it's hard to imagine this bill passing, as the many Longhorn representatives, and anyone else with the sense to keep state legislatures out of college sports, will surely work to keep it from Rick Perry's desk. But if you want to keep that LSU game at the end of the year, hope this bill passes.

Also, if it does pass and it does work, the odds of a similar bill coming through Arkansas to require the Hogs to play Arkansas State has to be like 7,000%.