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Mississippi State 45, Arkansas 14: Take Me Home

It's all become routine at this point, but it's still frustrating and disappointing.

Butch Dill

Y'all know the drill. Solid first quarter. Lose momentum in the second quarter. Lose the game in the third quarter. Give up in the fourth quarter.

If you were playing the Razorback Football 2012 drinking game, you should've gone to the store to restock at halftime. We had it all. Mississippi State converted about 22 third downs on their opening drive, which resulted in a touchdown. One of those conversions was a draw on a third and 10-or so. Penalties? Arkansas had 7 in the second quarter alone. Turnovers? Razorbacks muffed a punt, Tyler Wilson threw a pick mid-drive on the opening possession of the third quarter, and later, possibly the most spectacular fumble of the Arkansas season. Jonathan Williams took the handoff from Wilson, but never really took control of it, and bobbled it a few yards up the field directly into Cameron Lawrence.

The Bulldogs scored two plays after Williams' fumble to push the score to 31-14, and the game was effectively over.

Cobi Hamilton was great, as always. He tallied seven catches for 88 yards and a touchdown. Tyler Wilson was fantastic early, but was so-so after the second touchdown. He started off 11-for-12 with two touchdowns, and then was 12-for-17 with two interceptions. He also stayed in the game a series or two longer than he should. Brandon Allen was put in the game for the game's final two plays. The first was a handoff but Allen did complete an eight yard pass on the last play of the game for a first down.

I know the coaches aren't going to be back next year, so they don't care, but can someone please point out to Tyler Wilson how insane it is to keep him in the game during these late blowouts? Maybe a relative, or someone on the administrative staff? Or maybe one of the SID people who want to highlight him in next year's media guide as a top draft pick? The last thing he needs is another concussion. And one of the plays on his last series? A scramble. Pass the torch, Tyler.

Also, the loss makes it official that the Razorbacks will not be bowl eligible this season. It's probably for the best. When Bobby Petrino tried to get started while Houston Nutt's staff was "preparing" for the Cotton Bowl in 2007, there were all kinds of issues. The Razorbacks will get to put the new coaching staff in place as quickly as possible, and get them out on the recruiting trail to try to assemble as good a class as they can.

So we know that Friday will be the offical send-off for these seniors and the coaches. The good-bye for one of those groups will be significantly different than the good-bye for the other.


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