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Greek Tragedy in Athens - Averted

I begin my thoughts on the game by pulling out some of that publically funded liberal arts education that in regard to everybody said, "What you going to do with that?" Hey, I am using it to illuminate the world of the Hogs! haha. Except for the last 15 seconds of the game, we would have had us (Hog fans) a loss of mythic / tragic proportions as opposed to a win that will help grow the legends of those heroes involved - Childs, Williams, Mallett.  For this game, I think back to the story of Orpheus who was famous in Ancient Greece for his musical abilities; he could really jam out on the lyre. Well, his wife Eurydice got bit by a snake one day and she ended up dying. Orpheus was grief stricken. What to do? So he sets off for the Underworld to get her back. He plays his music for Hades and his wife Perspephone, and they are so impressed that they tell Orpheus he can have his wife back, but on one condition. As they walk back to the upper-world, Orpheus had to walk in front and can't look back or he'll lose Eurydice forever. Of course, Orpheus can't stand it, and as he is just about in the clear, he does look back, and his love vanishes forever. So when it comes to the Hogs, I call myself having an Orpheus Complex in that I don't feel they are ever safe and in the clear until zeros line the clock. In the fourth quarter the Hogs yesterday were pretty darn close to looking back like Orpheus and losing this game forever.

* Alternative titles for today's post: "Petrino Went Down to Georgia" (not chosen because that sounds more like what a Georgia fan would write - that Devil Petrino!) and "Childs' Play."

* I was all psyched up to hear the Gameday crew talk about the Hogs when they mentioned "Road Tests." Apparently, they didn't feel all that compelled to talk about the game that was coming up right after their show ended. Disappointed about the level of hype the Hogs' game got, but I know next week with Alabama coming to town the talking heads will have to say a few words about the game even as they are in, gosh, Boise, Idaho, and not Fayetteville.

* Before the ULM game, I thought wouldn't it be nice if at halftime we all pulled off our shirts and put on Bulldog gear and pretended we were Georgia fans to get the Hogs ready for Athens. Little did I know that we would be leading ULM just 7-0 at the half! With that said, I thought the Hogs for most of the game beat the crowd.

* 74% of Americans according to the ESPN poll thought the Hogs would beat Georgia. Such confidence for a team that was 1-7 under Petrino on the road. I wonder if they were just looking at the rankings? Arkansas No. 12, Georgia unranked.

* Pregame thought, if the Hogs win this one, that's a four game winning streak for the year, counting the Liberty Bowl.

* Pregame uh-oh, Corso picks the Hogs and Herbie picks Georgia. Herbie was perfect last week in his picks. Yikes.

* The hammers on the helmet are back, I see. If Georgia can have bones on their helmets, why can't we have little tusks, hogs, or A's, something that relates to us. We don't hail from Norway, and Thor is not our mascot. Not very keen on the away look. We look too much like Washington State. But, you know, what you going to do?

* You don't win the Heisman without winning some road games in the SEC. One down!

* Was the first touchdown the easiest first touchdown for a game that Mallett has ever thrown?

* The game for moments had echoes of last year's game with the easy first touchdown and then the Hogs' secondary giving up the long pass and Georgia scoring quickly. But then it settled down and the defense played better, but then in the end, we were back to a shootout of sorts.

* Another echo was Jerry Franklin (who learned his lesson from last year, I suppose) pulling D.D. Jones out of a fight and a possible ejection from the game.

* Though I want to see the movie, I got sick and tired of Gordon Gecko throughout the commercial breaks saying, "Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered." Oh, shutup Gordon!

* I was very impressed with Georgia's quarterback, Murray. I am glad we don't have them on the schedule for the next few years because Murray is going to be a star there, I believe. He made a few mistakes such as holding on to the ball too long and the interception, but as a redshirt freshman, he did not get his team beat. And he nearly pulled off the Hail Mary at the end. All day in the ESPN highlights, I expect Georgia to somehow make that catch. Thank goodness, they keep missing it.  

* I thought it just might be the Hogs' day when Breeding ran for a first down on the fake punt that really wasn't a fake punt. Stat of the day and another reason to hate Urban Myer. He is 8-8 on fake punts in his career. The announcers even brought up the one he pulled on us in the SEC Championship game. Thanks for dragging that back up guys, not!

* I wonder if during the UofA commercial if any of the people whose names they showed on Senior Walk were actually watching the game? How cool would that have been! Knowing the state's image, I thought about the need, haha, for running a message below saying: "The University of Arkansas doesn't actually hand chisel all these names of our graduates. We have invented a piece of modern technology that carves the names into the concrete. We are that advanced!"

* Joe Adams - what can you say? You just know that good things are going to happen when he gets the ball in his hands. I predict that he'll return a punt before the season is out that doesn't get called back for a block in the back.

* Hocker! - I was with the announcers. Go for the endzone! For I have been trained not to expect a 48 yard fieldgoal from a kicker with a Hog on his helmet. My mother suggested, "Hock it up Hocker," for his nickname. I had the gross suggestion that we could all make a sound like we were about to hock up a lugie whenever he successfully kicks a fieldgoal. But on second thought, let's just stick to the Hog call.

* I made the sound of probably some strange South American bird's mating call when I was on the phone with my friend while Childs was running for the endzone. My tv reception was a few seconds ahead of his. He soon saw what those strange noises were about.

* Two emblematic plays for the Hogs happened one right after the other during the game at the end of the first quarter. Broderick Green gets stuffed at the line. Joe Adams hauls down a reception and runs for about about another ten yards. That's pretty much us right there.

* I knew A.J. Green being suspended was going to get a lot of attention. But you would think the announcers would have known that we were missing a key player ourselves, Dennis Johnson. Yet I don't recall hearing his name mentioned. And you got to think Dennis would have given our poor running game more life.

* My old ham sandwich trick worked for the Knile Davis touchdown, but all I could get out of an additional sandwich in the fourth quarter was meltdown and punts and Georgia touchdowns. It was consumed before Mallett to Childs saved the day.

*  The play that I was going to blame the loss on if we had lost was going to be a third and three, when we needed a long drive to run clock, that Mallett turned into a worm burner of a pass at the feet of Joe Adams. Petrino keeps saying he needs a team that can grind out drives in the fourth quarter in order to hold a lead. He hasn't gotten it yet.

* A toss to Ronnie Wingo out of the backfield seems like a better short yardage play right now than any run between the tackles. How about a reverse play with Brandon Mitchell? I would like to see Brandon get on the field more.

* As I said above, I suffer like many Hog fans from the Orpheus Complex of it is not over until it is over when it comes to the Hogs, so I thought the announcers were out to jinx us there at the end with all their praise. And sure enough, here comes Georgia! If the announcers had been there in Atlanta in 1864 praising Sherman, they might have kept the city from being captured! haha.

* Don't look, but the defense is averaging holding opponents to just eleven points a game right now. They did have their lapses, but they are still a stronger defense than what we had last year. They cut Georgia's point total to just below half from last year's meeting.

* Our offense is scoring about thirty-five points per game. Of course, we all wish more of those points could come from the ground game.

* At the end of the game, I had the now famous Razorback tune "Razorbacks Can Survive" in my head. Yes, they can. But they need not make so much drama out of doing it! How we won Saturday is not how you go on and win championships. You need fewer miracle games and more solid throughout taking care of business games.

* If you remember my post about good luck charms, then this will make sense to you when I say get your raccoon penises and your vulture heads ready, for number one Alabama  (mighty crushers of Duke) is coming to Fayetteville next week.

* Final thought, can some Hog fan who lives in Alabama try to buy a game jersey off of Mark Ingram? I'll help fund the purchase!