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Friday Forecast: Taking a Look at the Other SEC Football Games

Following the new tradition we started last week, it's time to look at the other games around the SEC with an eye on both who will win and who we want to win (in terms of what benefits the Hogs). I can't promise that the results will be up to the caliber of the prognostications from our famous Rasputin, but to be fair he does have the advantage of 100s of years of experience.

Join me after the jump for last week's results and this week's predictions:

Last Week's Results

Who Will Win: 6-1 (didn't include MSU vs Auburn on Thursday)

Who We Want to Win: 4-4

This Week's Predictions

LSU vs Mississippi St

Who Will Win: LSU, but barely.

Who We Want to Win: Mississippi State, because of all the hilarity that would ensue

Florida vs Tennessee

Who Will Win: Florida

Who We Want to Win: Best case scenario here is that a giant meteor falls from space directly onto Neyland Stadium right before kickoff (as long as no one gets hurt, etc, etc).

Vanderbilt vs Ole Miss

Who Will Win: Ole Miss

Who We Want to Win: Vandy (again, because of the hilarity).

Auburn vs Clemson

Who Will Win: Auburn

Who We Want to Win: Auburn

Alabama vs Duke

Who Will Win: Um, if you can't figure this one out you probably should be reading a different site.

Who We Want to Win: This will likely be the last time this season we say this, but Alabama.

South Carolina vs Furman

Who Will Win: (see Alabama prediction above)

Who We Want to Win: Go Cocks!

Kentucky vs Akron

Who Will Win: *yaaaaaaaaaaaawn*

Who We Want to Win: UK