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Way Back Wednesdays: Seven Overtimes to Beat Ole Miss - Nov. 3, 2001

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Each Wednesday, we take a look back at a memorable and/or important (to us, anyway) Razorback game. So, sit back, relax and let the memories (and, in some cases, the heartache and angst) flow.

In the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, Americans were being told seemingly at every turn that "everything's changed." Thankfully one thing that didn't change that fall was Houston Nutt's overly caffeinated sideline demeanor. Nutt's habits of annihilating his finger nails and contorting his face into a variety of crazed expressions never failed to make this fan laugh, and mirth was desperately needed during the nationwide freakout that was unfolding in the final months of that year.

No game that season provided Nutt — or, for that matter, Razorback fans — with more reasons to go bonkers than Arkansas' record-setting, seven-overtime 58-56 victory over the Ole Miss Rebels. For the first four quarters, the game was a fairly unremarkable affair, and regulation ended with the score knotted at 17. And then, all hell broke loose.

The overtimes took more than an hour to complete, and when all was said and done, the Hogs had compiled nearly 400 rushing yards. Three Razorbacks rushed for 100 yards or more: Fred Talley (113 yards), quarterback Matt Jones (110 yards) and Cedric Cobbs (100 yards). On the opposing side, Eli Manning threw for six touchdowns — five of which took place in the overtimes.

The contest set a record for most overtimes in an NCAA Division I-A football game. Amazingly, the Hogs would tie the record just two years later, when they pulled out a 71-63 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. And only one year after the marathon Ole Miss affair, the Razorbacks would lose a six-overtime battle against Tennessee.

Houston Nutt's Hogs weren't always easy on the nervous and circulatory systems, but given the craziness of the times, the craziness of Nov. 3, 2001, was just what the doctor ordered. Highlights from the game after the jump. And before you go up, share your memories of that Ole Miss contest in the comments thread.