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Wednesday Evening Hodge Podge

A compendium of Razorback-related links to enjoy while you wait to hear back on the status of your job application for Vanderbilt's head coaching position:

* This is literally last week's news, but Brandon Marcello has posted the latest installment in the Ryan Mallett "Foot Watch" saga. Marcello quotes OC Garrick McGee as saying ""It’s coming along just fine. I think he'll be ready to go when we go out there in August." It's the word think that worries me noted earlier, this has been going on since February, and the original estimate was that he'd be ready by May or so. Now they think he'll be ready for August? I don't like the sound of that.

* If it's summer, that must mean sportswriters and bloggers are trotting out the old "rate the SEC coaches" gimmick. A Nashville newspaper has jumped into the fray, and puts Bobby Petrino 5th (Houston Nutt is 6th, if you must know, and somewhat bizarrely Dan Mullen is 3rd). We're still waiting for someone to follow the lead of our groundbreaking "SEC Coach Road Trip Rankings" from last year.

* Here's a more interesting ranking: the Montgomery Advertiser has rated the "most powerful" SEC programs. We'll let you click through to see where Arkansas falls, but we'll note that a) the Hogs are ahead of Auburn which feels right but will drive the Tigers crazy and b) they have a devastatingly great quote about Ole Miss (which ranks 10th): "I don't want to hear any whining from Ole Miss fans. You've got a middle-of-the-pack coach leading a bottom-half program. This is what you get. Maybe in four or five seasons things will cycle back around and you can limp back into another Cotton Bowl."

* Ready for another preseason preview? These guys have the Hogs ranked #18.