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One Hog Fan's Search for Positives

Well, Saturday sucked. I didn't really go into the game expecting the Hogs to win. I was hoping, but not expecting, a victory would emerge. I guess my expectations were confirmed to the tune of 35-7. And, frankly, I think it could have been worse if Saban had wanted to rack up some more points. Even though I predicted these two losses, I have a very uneasy feeling about this season with thoughts that it could actually be worse than last season, which I don't think is something anyone was expecting. The Hogs have a tough schedule and do not appear to be making needed improvements from week to week across all three aspects of the game. Much hinges, I think, on beating Texas A&M this coming weekend. But before we get there, I thought I would try to help us all out by looking for positives in a half serious, half humorous sorta way.

* It is still possible to be bowl eligible.

* Texas A&M is not in the SEC.

* Probably won't see a defense as good as Alabama's for the rest of the season.

* Oh, wait a minute - Florida! Yikes.

* Tyler Wilson got some playing time and didn't look so bad in the process.

* The defense actually kept us in the game during the first half.

* The team's plane landed safely in Fayetteville.

* No season crippling injures as far as I know.

* We most likely played the SEC West Champ and possibly SEC Champ in Alabama.

* There is the theory that playing a tough schedule toughens you up.

* Alumnus Jerry Jones should have the refs covered for us come next week. If he can afford that stadium, he can afford a few officials, right?

* For a good stretch of the game the score was 0-0. And for a brief, shining moment it was 14-7.

* Gary Danielson didn't exactly fall in love with Ryan Mallett like he has with Tim Tebow. He wasn't singing his praise every down. Thus Mallett gets to avoid awkward dates with a wrinkled man in his sixties.

* The punter, ours, got plenty of game time practice, which he needs!

* The backs didn't cough up any fumbles against a hard hitting defense. If they don't fumble Alabama, they are less likely to fumble against other less hard hitting teams.

* Casey Dick didn't throw any interceptions! haha.

* This game doesn't change the Ole Miss / South Carolina score one bit!

* With this tape in hand, our defensive players can get jobs as bumper cars after their eligibity is up.

* We sure can sell playing time to big time defensive recruits. "See just how much we really need you? We are talking instant playing time here!"

* Didn't this prove that the little hammers on the back of the helmets don't work? So can't we now take them off? Or if we must have them, shouldn't we wait until a winning season is secured before handing out any helmet stickers at all?

* Remember, this is still not a complete Bobby Petrino football team. And it won't be for a couple more years.

I would appreciate learning what positives you can come up with. Please include them in the comment section.