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So Your Mascot is a Bulldog - How Original!

Since Georgia fans are airing out their unoriginal and tired comments about Bobby Petrino, I thought it only fair that we pull out an unoriginal observation that Georgia fans have heard time and time again, I am sure. Could you not have come up with a more original mascot than a bulldog? Say what you will about Arkansas, at least we were creative enough to come up with a Razorback for our mascot, which no other college team has. Just how many other bulldogs are there out there? Take a look at this long list.

1.) Adrian College

2.) Alabama A&M University

3.) Barton College

4.) Bryant University

5.) Butler University

6.) Fresno State

7.) The Citadel - yikes, a bad memory here!

8.) College of San Mateo

9.) Concordia University

10.) Dean College

11.) DeSales University

12.) Drake University

13.) Ferris State University - students known for taking days off!

14.) Gardner-Webb University

15.) Georgetown

16.) Gonzaga

17.) James Madison

18.) Louisiana Tech

19.) University of Minnesota Duluth

20.) University of Montana Western

21.) Mississippi State - duplicated by another SEC team for Pete's sake!

22.) North Carolina A&T State University

23.) University of North Carolina at Asheville

24.) University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

25.) University of Redlands

26.) Samford University

27.) South Carolina State University

28.) South Suburban College - this has to be located in a strip mall.

29.) Southwestern Oklahoma State University

30.) Texas Lutheran University

31.) Truman State University

32.) Western Illinois University - almost another bad memory!

33.) Wilberforce University

34.) Wingate University

35.) Yale

36.) Oh, yeah, the University of Georgia

            About 100 years ago Arkansas wisely changed its mascot from a cardinal (plenty of those too) to something more fitting of its fierce, bluecollar background and came up with a Razorback, which no other NCAA school has. I think Georgia should try to separate itself from the likes of Wilberforce and South Suburban and come up with a mascot more original and fitting to Georgia. They could be the Peaches! Or they could honor Atlanta and call themselves the Sprawls. They could take back the slur, and call themselves proudly the University of Georgia Crackers. Since Georgia doesn't grow really all that many peaches, they could go with the peanut instead and keep a dog around if they must. If they can get copyright permission from the Charles Schultz estate, a beagle instead of a bulldog! If you have any suggestions to help Georgia out, please include them in the comment section.